“Neighbor Rosicky”

My impression of the story was simply nothing; I was ignorant of as I could have been about the story, as I had never read any of Willa Cather works. “Neighbor Rosicky” could have been: anyone or anything, good or bad, a dog, a horse, or a butte somewhere in the world. For all I knew at the start of the story, Neighbor could actually have been the name of the main character.

Now after I have read the story, you find why the title of the story is “Neighbor Rosicky.”  He is a kind decent man that has that has lived a long and full life. The term “neighbor” is more of a title that is bestowed upon him; the kind of person that we all want as a neighbor and a friend, father, husband and mentor. Where in his house you are always welcome and they will give you what they have to make sure that you feel welcomed. He grew up dirt poor and understands what it is like to have nothing, working for a pittance and getting almost nothing in return.

Rosicky isn’t indebted to anyone, he owns his land outright. He isn’t rich in the sense of monetary value; however, he is rich in the value that after a full life he has all the treasures that a man can ask for: his land is his own, loving and faithful wife, five sons (who are all good boys), a new daughter-in-law that will help carry on the family name.

Rosicky is a man’s man; the kind of man I would attempt to emulate. The qualities that he possesses aren’t taught; they are ingrained in the essence of what makes a man a man. Even when told that he should be slowing down because he had a good family, Rosicky had a hard time letting others do what he used to be able to do for himself. These are qualities seemingly lost in the last forty or fifty years—missing in today’s world; a man being as good as his word, integrity, morals, values and ethics. A prime example of the way I see Rosicky is what amounts to a very simple code of chivalry.  Rosicky would have taken great pains to be an example.  Women first and not be shy about what or why he did what he did.  Looking at where he came from, what he went through to get to the place he is now.  I can’t help but to admire the man called “Neighbor Rosicky.”

Author: Max Skinwood

I call a duck a duck, and a spade a spade. I fucking HATE: HYPOCRISY, Political Correctness and BS.. just shoot straight, at least we know where each other stands

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