A child looks in the mirror and what

Do they SEE

Everything they want to Be

The Mirror is a River


In its self imposed prison


The Face in the Mirror has an

Imperfection in Its Reflection

Is it Vanity

The Mirror tells a Story

A Scar from a Cleat


Worn like a Badge of Honor


The Mirror now Shows the Scar

Hidden By Gray

Not SO Wild-N-Free

The Mirror is Showing Cracks

Like Ripples from a Stone

Ever Widening Ever Growing

Soon to Take Their Place


When you Look in the Mirror

Did the Child Become Everything

They Wanted

To Be

Can You Stand What You SEE

That was once


Author: Max Skinwood

I call a duck a duck, and a spade a spade. I fucking HATE: HYPOCRISY, Political Correctness and BS.. just shoot straight, at least we know where each other stands

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