Child support RAPE

Well now, lets just say we have us here is ‘a failure to communicate’. Ultimately worse than the original movie that quote was taken from.

It is like being lost at sea in a dingy for weeks, your sunburned, near death from dehydration, the jib is broken, engine took a shit, there is a hurricane coming, all the while you are drifting towards the Bermuda Triangle.

Sound familiar to some of you? For the 30 years I have been working; my average income has been less than $15,000.00.  My ex-wife and I had a gentlemen’s agreement that I would pay her what I could afford. I made no bones about the fact that she needed help. However, when the girls went to BnG Club, all of a sudden I was on the hook for 455.00 p/m = $5460.00 p/y; courtesy of the state! Well almost any moron can do simple math, needless to say that I was only making $8.00 p/h at the time or $1280.00 p/m before taxes. The amount taken in taxes = at least .25 or (25%) from that (=$320.00 / one weeks pay) that leaves $960.00 – $455.00 = $505.00 (maybe)  p/m to live on. I didn’t qualify for food stamps because believe it or not, I made too much money. The kids still hold it against me; not understanding what I had to try to do, just to survive.

Gee all in the name of helping out, I was: couch surfing, starving, and homeless

Did I forget to mention that Kell (she got low-cost training) because we were just ‘separated’ at the time and her new job started at $12-15.00.

A few years later, I met the woman who I thought was going to be the ‘one’! Turns out she was the one alright; moved in with me for about three weeks, dis-appeared, (several times) then re-appeared a few weeks later and said she was pregnant. Well stupid me, I thought it was mine. When the bastard was born, at least three weeks earlier than what should have been full term. It set me to thinking, when I saw it; I realized it couldn’t be mine, (the genes in my family are strong) even grand-kids tend to look like me. I renounced all paternal rights,while the bastard was still less than a week old. Like it mattered, my name was forced onto the birth certificate.

Well you know that it took a turn for the worse. She came after me for $$, the state didn’t care about the other support order.  They (the state) based payment on EARNING POTENTIAL. It was set at $378.00+ $455.00 = 833 + being in arrears was actually closer to $1200.00 p/m or $14000.00 p/y.  Gee can any of you know it all women do math? 15000 – 14000 = 1000.  It is hard to live on 1000 p/m let alone 1000 per year.

Now things have settled down, on the 9th of July I made an arrangement with a bitch by the name of Laura. My license was going to be suspended (again). She had the nerve to ask me if I cared about my kids.  I told her that after all I had been through in the last 15 years; I really don’t give a fuck.

The payment had to be there before the end of the July to stop the suspension, the cunt sent the paper work through the same day the agreement was made. I sent a check on or around the 16th of July like it would have mattered obviously.

I have worked this in most general terms.  Know that an average is equal to the best of the worst and worst of the best. In other words there are times I made more money and times I made even less money.  In that vein, just know that things were much worse than I have gotten into for now.

More to come.


Author: Max Skinwood

I call a duck a duck, and a spade a spade. I fucking HATE: HYPOCRISY, Political Correctness and BS.. just shoot straight, at least we know where each other stands

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  1. In other words, fucking a woman can actually mean fucking yourself in the ass for life!

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