I have always loved to read and write as well as draw occasionally. My maternal grandmother was a math and English teacher who taught me to read very early. I was past Dick and Jane at the age of four; and at the age of six, I was reading at the twelfth grade level and beyond.  My grandmother gave me a gift that the only way to repay is to have kept reading. By the time I was ten years old I had read Joan of Arc and Mein Kampf amongst other odd classics.

My experiences with writing haven’t always been the greatest. I had written an essay for a sixth grade class; it was so good that a fellow student changed the names that I had used and claimed it as his own.  As far as I knew he never did get into any trouble for that act, ultimately souring me on writing for years to come.  I have always had a lot to say, just not very well orally. My love—hate relationship with writing has grown into an obsession to express myself over the last few years.

Looking at the books and authors we were going to cover compelled me to take the class. In the recent weeks I have been introduced to pieces of work that I have never had the pleasure of reading, such as Willa Cather’s “Neighbor Rosicky.”  The most endearing has been “Richard Cory,” as I personally identified with him and the story of his life crisis and ultimate demise. That very day I too was having a struggle between having it all and considering the same ill fated outcome. I have been told that I have a “strong life force” and it was hard for them to see me ever being in that state of mind. There is a fine line between genius and insanity. I hope I don’t have to have a psychotic break to find the true writing that I believe that I am capable of. I have always read a wide variety and written in several different styles. I tend to prefer poetry, though I may not be the next Frost or Robinson; I try and emulate them as well as Roethke, and Lowell amongst others.  I have used Michael Jackson, Tolstoy,
George Bernard Shaw, Stephen King, the Eagles, and of all people my favorite Kid Rock, as inspiration for the themes in my visions.

In short I have decided to go after my MFA, with a minor in writing; it’s too bad I haven’t found a school that I can get a PHD in Literature

Author: Max Skinwood

I call a duck a duck, and a spade a spade. I fucking HATE: HYPOCRISY, Political Correctness and BS.. just shoot straight, at least we know where each other stands

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