I’m Backkkk

It only took me until the 2nd day of classes to piss off a few people.  A cross dressing chink (male gone it), a little black girl and a fat ass stupid white boy.

Lets set the scene.  This is a advanced composition class that has as one of it books called Creating Dangerously.  Well the teacher was late,  a shit load of personal problems that we really didnt need to be made party to, but, alas we were.

Since she was late she had to go get all her things for this class.  She in turn left an assignment to work on together while she was gone.

I and several others got up to use the head, get water and such.

When I returned they were discussing Huck Finn (of all things).  I made the point that the word nigger was used at that time (I actually said nigger).  Other words such as boy and Joe (de-feminizing Army females) have been changed due to perceived biases. That is all I said! I didn’t call anyone a nigger or even insinuate someone was!  Well the cross dressing chink thing turns around and says it is a “PERSON OF COLOR AND THE N-WORD OFFENDS ME. (really your a person of color?) Do you know that the Okinawan’s  blame the American if they are involved in an auto collision;  they believe that if the Americans weren’t there it wouldn’t have happened. Get the fuck over yourself, it is your identity crisis not mine.

The teacher came back around this time, and the whole thing got blown up. Lil black bitch left the class all pissed off. The white fucktard said it bothered him too, and then he had this to say to me;  “you are sitting there in your Lynyrd Skynyrd shirt!”

WTF did my shirt have to do with anything?  That is like Dylan Roff waving the Confederate Flag!!! That was one fuck of a jump. One had nothing to do with the other except in a pathetic attempt to be something your not.  Intelligent.

Well gee in this day and age, get the fuck over it.  Those “victims” can call each other nigga and such. For fuck sake if a white person says it. Armageddon!

Heres the fucking point – if I had been sitting in a room full of cross dressing chink freaks or blacks, being the ONLY STRAIGHT WHITE GUY, and a comment had been made about me or whites for that matter. The system would have looked the other way and told me to suck it up.

The other 22 people in the room didn’t think I had done anything wrong either.

I dropped the class, there is no way that I can write or tolerate censorship of any kind.  O’ the HYPOCRISY OF WRITING DANGEROUSLY. 


Author: Max Skinwood

I call a duck a duck, and a spade a spade. I fucking HATE: HYPOCRISY, Political Correctness and BS.. just shoot straight, at least we know where each other stands

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