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This moron won’t return emails, it is more like a form letter. Thanks for your input, but I really don’t care. Well we need to get this out, this idiot is on the NoFunLeagues side er Payroll. I suggest for every player that takes a knee they should receive a 10% fine from their game checks, on top of that 10% of their annual salaries. Since they are in costume, meaning they are on actually on company time – hence; not their own, to do as they please. Give these proceeds to Veteran organizations! 1st and foremost HOMELESS VETS, ya know the one that let you overpaid wannabes who ARE so oppressed that they are paid an average salary of around 5 million per season per player. Now thanks to them Vets you so willing disrespect *****YOU ARE FREE to DO SO.*** Then the rest to other American charities. Hit them where it hurts, $$$$$$$. I am sure this is racist and oppressive.. After all the slaves that I have never owned won’t care = too much.

Jay Busbee Hey champ, I get thousands of emails a week, most with poorly reasoned arguments like yours. But hey, I let you post this here, so you can be happy that you got your word out for the world to see.

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Joe Bles
Champ? That is like called me friend. I am no one’s champ, and I an sure as hell not your friend So dud,, and I mean Dud, if there is such a thing as poorly reasoned – it’s yours. Look in the mirror. I have been scared for my life, after answering the call to duty for my country – have you? I am going out on a limb here and saying NO! So you as well as they can have the freedom to spit on the graves and blood of the very reason you get to write or play a kids game. You and these overpaid crybabies don’t have a leg to stand on. I told you in the email a good writer will look at both sides. You won’t is the most important part, for anyone to take you seriously; you need to see and understand that the message they think they are sending is not the one being delivered. And you continue to facilitate this by your one-sided rhetoric.

Jay can you do anything you want? Can you write that Trumps is a _____ moron. ?? My point is there are cetain things you can and cant do under contract or when someone is paying you to play ball or write. It is not me missing the point, it is you. They are free to do as they please outside of WORK.

Check out what the UCMJ has to say about being under a contract:

Uniform Code of Military Justice has to say about: 888. ARTICLE 88. CONTEMPT TOWARD OFFICIALS
10. Punitive Articles
Any commissioned officer who uses contemptuous words against the President, the Vice President, Congress, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of a military department, the Secretary of Transportation, or the Governor or legislature of any State, Territory, Commonwealth, or possession in which he is on duty or present shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

Opps you blocked me… tooo close to home huh ?

Jay Busbee Nah, I just deleted your comment because I didn’t notice your garbage avatar until now. But I’ll respond to you anyway. The NFL has said that the protesters DO have the right to protest. So what you, me, or the Uniform Code of Military Justice has to say is IRRELEVANT. The NFL has decided to allow the protests, so you can whine all you want, it’s not changing.

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Joe Bles
We will see,, and FYI that deletion is censorship and you are a HYPOCRITE, If the players can take a knee, for the world to see – then I can have or do as I please. Avatar or not, you’re deciding what’s best “Jay Busbee Hey champ, I get thousands ofSee More
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