WTF did he think was going to happen?

Sounds like natural selection to me!

Devon Staples, 22, was killed instantly this past 4th of July weekend after he attempted to light a firework off the top of his head. While some may see Staples’ unfortunate accident as a nominee for the Darwin Awards, his mother, Kathleen Staples, sees it as a call for stricter laws regarding who can and cannot handle explosives. How about stricter laws before breeding? Why not greater laws for birth control of moronic people? Or that spoons make people fat, (not the food), cars kill people (not drunk drivers) or my personal favorite guns kill (not the idiot pulling the trigger). For fuck sake these are inanimate objects that need to a person to move, fire, drive or in this case light.

Of course good ole mommy isnt blaming the fact that he was drinking. Just we need stricter laws because her son was a fucking moron!

OMFG where do these people come from?  It was an **E X P L O S I V E**. WTF did he think was going to happen?

Maybe I should put a gun filled with blanks to my head and see if it kills me..  Uh yes ****

Friday October 12th, 1984
Jon-Erik Hexum – COVER UPa scene where he is lying in bed, in between takes, he was playing around with a .44 Magnum revolver that was on-set for use as a blank-firing weapon. Shortly after 5:15 p.m. he put the pistol (according to witnesses, it was loaded with three empty cartridges and two blanks) up to his right temple. As he pulled the trigger he smiled, and supposedly said, “Let’s see if I got myself with this one.” He was apparently unaware that at close range, a blank can cause great damage. The explosion drove a quarter-sized piece of his skull far into his brain. The paper wadding of the straight-walled blank cartridge went straight into his temple and forced a bone chip to lodge in his brain.

“He screamed in agony, and then looked kind of amazed (go figure) as he slumped back onto the bed with blood streaming from a severe head wound.”


Yellow Footprints

Yellow footprints

On the concrete

Is where the journey began

For all the right reasons

Transforming the boy was the plan

To escape the demons

With the breath of becoming a man

Every step taken

Bound by an inner sense of honor

Never to be shaken

Restrained never left to wander

Up thru the ranks

Private by day – Killer by night

PFC for a while – A little more pay is right

LCpl for a year -Time to enjoy the fight

CPL who all should fear – For the future is bright

SGT time to have a beer – My career is taking flight

Time has come

For the games that we play

If it doesn’t grow it goes

Raking sand once a day

Countless hours of COD by rows

The range isn’t so strange

Policing brass in the grass

Oh what a pain in the ass

Laced left over right

Underwear folded very tight

Funny never seemed to get exactly right

Field day once a week

Got rid of the stink

Off to the field to perfect our skill

To practice for the kill

No shower for a week

Wish I had become a geek

MREs are not my friend

Nothing comes out the other end

Time has come be on our way

Put our practice-Into play

Carry out – our perfected skill

Doing our governments will

By choice of course

Though all paid the same

Marine, Navy, Army, Air Force

We all play a different game

However, not for a shot at Fame




Aim High

Are our battle cries

Mama, dry those eyes

I can’t tell a lie

I hope I don’t die

The home field advantage is no longer ours

Our opponent holds all the cards

In faraway lands that have left too many scars

For they have no regard

I wish I had moved to Mars

Each step taken is a decaying plank

We have our drill instructors to thank

Just our luck

We got in that god-damned truck

Our confidence won’t be shaken

Of this we were sorely mistaken

In the aftermath we were forsaken

Alas some will never waken

Outside the wire

Is where you feel the fire

Real soldiers have no desire

To be killers for hire


Is not what you think

Not the glory or fun of RPG’s

Try not to blink

Is a place that boys become men

Some call it hell

Can’t be saved by the bell

Never sure who the enemy is

No standard uniforms

Nor, where they may come from

A kid with a radio control car

A woman and baby over there

A man with a cell phone watching a bit too close as you roll by

You are your own worst enemy

Or maybe they are in the same truck with you

A patrol is long and arduous

Always hot and dusty

Red air looks rusty

Gear smells musty

Armor and weapon and ammo

Weigh you down

It’s a long way back to town

You are damn well thirsty

A convoy

Week or more on the road

Ever felt like a toad

Base to Base

.50 cal Gunner in the turret

Static in the headset

Fuck its hot

A/C is shot

Peeing in a bottle

Open the throttle

Eight hours convoys are too slow a pace

Wish we could win the fucking race

Hated to be in that mode

We always had to talk in code

That’s the good day – all in a day’s work

The bad days are

After it’s all over

Once you are home

There is nowhere to turn







To name a few

Things,  most people will never understand


Comes at a very high price

More need to be outspoken

So, Many like Me Don’t

Come home broken

The journey ended where it started

Running from demons he cant see

Tho that boy became a man!

The Confederate Flag 2 – It would seem

That I am not the only one that sees what is happening with regards to the Confederate Flag as nothing more than Hypocrisy.

“If Amazon is removing the Confederate flag from its offerings, the logical and principled decision is to stop selling any promotional material, including T-shirts, of Che Guevara or any mass killer.”

– Maria Werlau, Free Society Project.

Read the entire article here.

The Confederate Flag – We Robot 2

What if Dylan Roof had been waving an American Flag with his mantra as anti-American sentiment instead of racially charged ideal-isms? Would this have changed anything about how the wanna-bees see it?

Probably!! Since they can hide behind the stars and stripes it’s ok.

Would the American Flag have been banned? Why not, the Ten Commandments have been removed from most public places, except the doors of Congress. Why not pull the flag off all city, state and federal buildings, because the supreme court said it could be burned as a matter of free speech; though it offends me greatly.

First and foremost most amateur historians know so little about HISTORY,  it’s puke-able. Please do read up on the Civil War, Slavery (old vs new) and yes there is a fucking difference, where and who owned them. From the Canadian border all the way to Mexico,  as well as why the South ‘lost’! It wasn’t because they were defeated, they were out of supplies and support. Lest we not forget the Irish as a form of slavery.

How many people have died in the name of GOD?  Easily millions, that is an “M”.  Nine (9) Crusades that were the equivalent of today’s what we are calling radical Islams jihad of convert or die.  We haven’t seen religious leaders being arrested (in the free world) for their ideology, (and no I am don’t mean for for touching children), Bible thumping, rain down the heavens in fire and brimstone sermons.

I am agnostic. In no way do I support any religion. I want to show the hypocrisy of MOST (read not all) people – do as I say not as I do.

The Confederate Flag – WE ROBOTS

We are becoming ROBOTS

This debate over the the Confederate Flag is pure and utter bullshit.

We are becoming robots. Social and economic robots. We are no longer allowed to have an opinion that differs in the slightest from the new more ‘tolerant’ world we live in.

If for any reason you do have  a differing opinion you are immediately labeled: a racist, bigot, chauvinist, rebel, hate monger; fill in the blank with whatever name fits.

If you are religious and don’t like gays and same sex marriage

If you fly have a Confederate Flag.

If you think women don’t belong in combat units.

If you believe Obama is a savior or the Antichrist.

All democrats are fat and lazy. I am not Anne Coruic and trying to be funny, I believe this is why Obama was re-elected. The generation of I dont have to work for it, just give it to me because I am alive.

Well my question to you is. “So the fuck what”?

This country was built on being different, deliberately violating the status quo. Would we have light bulbs if Edison had listened to all the nay-sayers? The phone, the car, what if the Wight Bros has stopped after the 1st failure?

Where did we go wrong? Slowly over the last three generations we have become soft at an alarming rate. We can no longer discipline out children. The courts are doing it for us. A real bang up job too. Yet people ask what is wrong with kids today. They refuse to look at themselves and see that this monster was created by their own self indulgence and ineptitude since they didn’t like being disciplined.  It has gone a thousand steps further. Oh no dont spank your kid, it will warp them.

In the coming months and years, I will examine many of these ideas in depth.

For now this is a start. 1917061_189238666950_4902484_n

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Karen Cooper, a black Confederate Flag waving woman!