Find a different Career

This is why we need term-limits on Congress. This jackass (insult to jackasses) thinks that Trump is not the legitimate winner of the election, he thinks the Russians influenced the outcome.  The most effective analogy is the kind of person who doesn’t believe in God, but wants holidays [btw- (means holy day)] off.

Oh darn, he is gonna miss the inauguration; maybe we should have his election votes recounted, or have him recalled; for being stupid.

Cant Understand Normal Thinkning

Yeah bitches,  this cunt ruined my GPA,  has to apologize for the test.  The mistakes are irreparable, but gave us a curve,,  kewl point taken,

The next test, damn near the same thing, only someone does well enough not to warrant a curve?

3rd test, well you get the idea. we study as a group + individually and do worse collectively??  WTF…..      don’t take the time to explain things to the non-US students.   I guess they should just get it……   Well here the fucking prob,  if I don’t get it,  how in the fuck are they?  Born and raised in this country.   There is something wrong with the system..

IDFK<<     cuntitis    – FOAD

Chump Change

Bob McAdoo and the Giants were fined 150,000.00 for improper use of walkie talkies.  This was EXPECTED. Well no shit. the fine is more than 99% of us will ever make.

Make the god-damned fine equal to the pay and salary for the NFL; not an every day FAN  wannabe.  Make the fine 1.5 million or a game check from the coach, player + a $5 million fine: you will get someones attention,   $150,00 is chump change to these morons….  get their fucking attention…..

Let Markie Mark pay the fucking fine at real cost.  We will see how long he is in the owners booth.

Yes, I, know not the same teams..  The point is the same..  he would have a heart attack..  he has not stock in the team and it would all be a loss that he cant claim.

BETCHA it wouldnt happen again,,,

WTF pc-PC or Pure Crap

Presidential Debate II

I am not sure how to label this debate.  It created more questions for me than providing any type of answers. The debate was like two 70-year-old adolescent’s going at it; than a supposed adult conversation about who should be our next President. While the overall win goes to Mr. Trump, the bias was evident; as he was quick to point out. The one-liners and sharp-witted replies were enough to overcome the perceived biases.

Every mouthpiece, pundit, wannabe and expert is weighing in on last nights’ debate.  From the brief overview that I gave each report, it is not that Trump lost; it is that the Republican Party lost or is losing.  Can the bleeding be stopped? Can enough be done to keep all stalwarts onboard?  Will the everyday person or voter just stay home, (all but handing victory to Clinton)?

The best way to look at this debate is to actually just apply my notes vs an attempt to define this as a debate instead of a street fight or tit for tat petty grievance match.

part II

  • Clinton is well spoken, not sure she answered the question. Trump agrees with her?  He hasn’t addressed the question either.

Anderson Cooper reminded them of question.  Brought up the recording of Trump, yet again, who cares.  He Trump ROFLOL.  I only laugh – has respect for them. Because he is right on in some cases. This needs to be addressed- MISONGY does exist, and there are men who think and believe exactly like that. MORE than JUST A FEW.

Here we go. Less than 10 min in, and we are at it – is he fit to serve?  Again, just because he wears his heart on his sleeve – and voices his opinions. PC crap is killing America.  He has a point he can’t respond but she can?  Rigged? Biased? Can someone change? “Or does a leopard change his spots?  She didn’t blink at an eye at his remarks…  Sec Clinton – her friend Michelle – OH BS.

NASTY – STREET FIGHT – He is reiterating my thoughts for me.   He only speaks what this PC- Pure Crap world of ours wont say.   Emails, special prosecutor, fbi, come on NIXON WAS FORCED TO RESIGN OVER DNC RECORDINGS.  She is running for President after letting Americans die – they were begging for help in Benghazi.

Oh shit he is so right, if we as regular citizens had done anything like she has we would go away for a LONG LONG TIME..   (think SNOWDEN if he were to return)

We have watched this unfold/happen,, he isn’t making it up… 

ok let’s move on.  She is one to mention diversions.

Town hall question – Obamacare.   Just like a cancer is named for where it starts.  Same should be said for Obamacare…  does congress use this healthcare?  They didn’t when I was in DC.

Anderson did a good job of some control,, Trying to be assertive.  Did ask HC a direct question of Bill’s assessment of Obummercare.

Muslims – threat?  He Trump – is right,,  just like AA, NA – you have to admit there is a problem..  Vetting? Or Ban – Trojan horse.    Look at what is happening, France, Germany, Belgium, UK – why is this so hard to believe that it wont happen here again? And Sec Clinton didn’t use the words at all – never once did she say or admit to radical Islam

Does she not know US history? We banned people of Japanese descent– put them in camps during WWII, Chinese in the 19th century.  He might not be the most well spoken, but he is correct.

Move on DJ. lets get over the tax thing, T = cut for 35 to 15% – again let the business man run with it.  Food for thought? Trumps taxes is very equal to Obamas birth-certificate.  While all very true, nonetheless who gives a rat’s ass? Cant do anything about it now@; can we?

C = 250k what?  If we make less than that – we don’t have to pay any taxes? Buffet, surcharge,  nowhere is there an amount decrease. All she does is go on and on about, Donald this and Donald that.  I am not clear on anything she was talking about. Avoided the question, or is it just to of course expect a raise

Trump and his zinger about her being an – Effective Senator – she says he had Rep Pres, well Obama has been in office for 7.5 years.  So BS. And before that she had a D controlled congress.


Why bother with questions at all?  Just let them duke it out, or put them in sound chambers, when the questions are asked, then at time limit the sound is turned off – poof! No More overrun on time for answers

He can disagree w/VP, why does a president have a cabinet/advisors – why act incredulous? he isn’t a God he don’t have all the answers.

He got under her skin – Martha, she was almost shouting at him

Clinton – not use ground forces.  Can we go back to Ike the Pres as last General for a reason.  Her knowledge of the foreign policy is better? Strategy sucks.

NaFTA needs to go away.

Devoted to people– He sort of said yes, she finally got around to it sort of as well…

Deplorables –  hatred, – we know she doesn’t like the working class man. Stands to reason based on her main startegies

Trump – discipline?

C – no discipline, HE says “no surprise?”

Are we not taught that THE FRAMERS OF THE CONSTITUTION BUSINESSMEN JUST LIKE TRUMP?  Not career politicians like HC?

SCUS question he actually went straight to an answer, then 2nd amend

Energy – I would believe him as a business man over her idea of – China

C – her answer of respecting his Children is a cop-out

T – fighter and she fights hard – good trait very sincere

Win to Trump 60 – 40 only because of his alluding to facts we all know are true and sincerity at the end.


Well the saga continues –

Now a General Manager is involved.  Yet again it has turned out to be nothing.

He wants to help but don’t know how to help?

Of course after some discussion, then a chance to look into it (talk to the lawyers); he came back with, he will not void the contract or buy the truck back BUT, he will make the first payment for me. He thinks that I am going to go get a full time job. LTFOL. He really does not get where my ‘income’ comes from. Getting a job is really not part of the equation.  Not my place to tell him.

The million dollar question now – becomes.  Who if any is gonna stand up for the the consumer – the little guy.

aka Erin Brockovich.