Deputy Dawg

Follow up to the bs from earlier.

I actually didn’t have all that bad of an experience with Scooby Doo, his partner Freddy was down at the dealership listening to the lies being revealed.  As far as cops go, I have to say he wasn’t an ass. He took the time to LISTEN, he asked questions about what he needed clarified.  He did not make assumptions or accusations. For all the shit that could have been blown out of proportion, he just gave a concerned authoritative be careful.

We talked about what had happened, as well as my being in the military. I told him that I didn’t need a gun, and that if I was going to do something as fucking stupid as making a threat – I sure as fuck wouldn’t have told them I was gonna come back. From his reaction he seemed to agree – He just kinda smiled.

For now I will let it go at that.



carr used cars canyon rd

I tried to buy a truck from Carr used at 10075 SW Canyon Rd, Beaverton, OR 97005  – I took possession of the truck on Friday Feb 12th.  I left w/a supposed contract of 14.99% and payment of $468.  

 The financing was denied at that rate.  The guy said he called in a favor and had me come back into sign a new  contract at 17% and a payment of 492. According to CARR, this was finally submitted to Oregon Community Credit Union (OCCU) late Friday  afternoon (the 26th) for approval.  

At 1600 on Fri the 26th I called OCCU to find out an account number, member number, a place to make a payment – I could make my payment early. I was told that they had not received any paperwork.  

Today Saturday the 27th I called OCCU again to confirm.  We got two different stories. The paperwork wasn’t there and then I was pending approval. I/we stopped by the dealer to tell them the deal was off due to the lack of financing. After a lot of back and forth (I just wanted my trade in back) we left to go home, clean out the truck, get our other car and come back. 

I knew about the 14 day rule and since the financing was still not approved, and that OCCU had not sent a check, the deal could be terminated.  

On the way back to CARR I had to stop for gas, which put me behind my wife by a few minutes.  As I was getting off at the exit near the dealer my wife calls me and tells me not to come near the dealership.  I had been accused of threatening to shoot   up the place and beat up people.

We met and traded vehicles, she went back to drop the truck off. Somewhere/somehow one of these FUCKING MORONIC FUCKTARDS made up the story that I had made threats and called the police – two Washington County Sheriff’s showed up. After getting everyones story, including the woman that they claimed was the person who made the accusations against me – She, Denied ever having said anything.  The officers found out that it had all been made up – we were cleared of any wrong-doing. 

I made no such statements or threats of any kind; there was no physical confrontation, and hardly any raised voices, (yes I was frustrated). This accusation is a blatant attempt to hold me off longer so the financing can be approved sometime this week.  Well outside the 14 day window.  

This whole scene was scandalous, underhanded, not to mention defamatory all on top of filing a false police report. 

Yeah Right

I had the unfortunate pleasure of speaking to one of those educated morons. The kind that teaches because he can’t actually do the job. Taught law, business law at that.  Those who can do; those that can’t teach.

The truth and the law are open for interpretation.

The law is elastic. Just the like the truth, it is over-rated and rarely ever worth the trouble.  What he doesn’t understand is that this god-damned country was founded by businessmen, scholars, and farmers; not fucking lawyers.  

He has to see the issue at hand because why?  It might not be as simple it seems!  A muslim walks up to a protester; hits (assaults) by any other definition. The case is tossed by an American judge using Sharia law.

Here’s the problem, if an American (white) had done the same thing; they would be serving time for a hate crime. Not tossed out.  This is fucking the USA not the Middle East.

Get a clue fucktard.


Militia takes over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters

Tyranny is defined by as the “arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority”.

The Bundy’s of Nevada were fined over a 1 million dollars in taxes and fees for letting their cattle graze on BLM land. The cattle in question were being forcefully rounded up and taken from Cliven Bundy. Due to an armed outpouring of militia support, the situation was de-escalated and the cattle returned.

In the case of the Hammond family in Burns, OR who have been sentenced to five years in federal prison for setting fire to BLM lands adjacent to their property. The Bundy family has stepped in to help.

The militia reasoning stems from:

“The federal government claims title to most of the land in Harney County, the ninth largest county in the United States. Bundy and Payne maintain that Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the U.S. Constitution limits what the federal government can own, and that the government’s claim to much of Harney County violates that limit. The federal government consequently has no authority to prosecute the Hammonds”.

I for one completely agree that we need to limit government power. First our gun rights and then the right to free speech. My question is, then what comes next?  Your land, or house? As we are seeing the federal government is taking control of lands that constitutionally are not theirs for the taking.

Until the powers that be (WE the PEOPLE) learn a hard and valuable lesson, tyranny will continue to flourish.

Karl Marx said “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce”.

Will governments never learn? At what point do the people stand up?

The lazy are not going to support this cause or any other that will jeopardize their government given handouts. 

“When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”. ~ Thomas Jefferson.

This may seem to encompass many points; however. not as I see it. The bottom line through it all is; that until we limit the power of government we will continue to lose every right we have at an ever increasingly alarming rate.

There are term limits for the President – Two elected terms for a total of eight years + an additional two years if the current President becomes incapacitated or 10 years total.

Why are there no term limits for Congress? Not one of the original signers of the Constitution was a professional politician or lawyers for that matter. They were business men that wanted change; and most lost everything standing for what they believed in. Unlike today where if a politician’s mouth is moving it is lying.


I’m Backkkk

It only took me until the 2nd day of classes to piss off a few people.  A cross dressing chink (male gone it), a little black girl and a fat ass stupid white boy.

Lets set the scene.  This is a advanced composition class that has as one of it books called Creating Dangerously.  Well the teacher was late,  a shit load of personal problems that we really didnt need to be made party to, but, alas we were.

Since she was late she had to go get all her things for this class.  She in turn left an assignment to work on together while she was gone.

I and several others got up to use the head, get water and such.

When I returned they were discussing Huck Finn (of all things).  I made the point that the word nigger was used at that time (I actually said nigger).  Other words such as boy and Joe (de-feminizing Army females) have been changed due to perceived biases. That is all I said! I didn’t call anyone a nigger or even insinuate someone was!  Well the cross dressing chink thing turns around and says it is a “PERSON OF COLOR AND THE N-WORD OFFENDS ME. (really your a person of color?) Do you know that the Okinawan’s  blame the American if they are involved in an auto collision;  they believe that if the Americans weren’t there it wouldn’t have happened. Get the fuck over yourself, it is your identity crisis not mine.

The teacher came back around this time, and the whole thing got blown up. Lil black bitch left the class all pissed off. The white fucktard said it bothered him too, and then he had this to say to me;  “you are sitting there in your Lynyrd Skynyrd shirt!”

WTF did my shirt have to do with anything?  That is like Dylan Roff waving the Confederate Flag!!! That was one fuck of a jump. One had nothing to do with the other except in a pathetic attempt to be something your not.  Intelligent.

Well gee in this day and age, get the fuck over it.  Those “victims” can call each other nigga and such. For fuck sake if a white person says it. Armageddon!

Heres the fucking point – if I had been sitting in a room full of cross dressing chink freaks or blacks, being the ONLY STRAIGHT WHITE GUY, and a comment had been made about me or whites for that matter. The system would have looked the other way and told me to suck it up.

The other 22 people in the room didn’t think I had done anything wrong either.

I dropped the class, there is no way that I can write or tolerate censorship of any kind.  O’ the HYPOCRISY OF WRITING DANGEROUSLY.