How far are we going to go?

City Of Memphis Votes To Dig Up Remains Of Confederate Civil War General And Wife [VIDEO]


Memphis votes to relocate a Confederate General and his wife. Buried for over 100 years.

Common sense has now been replaced by political correctness~~~~ absurbness

Confederate Flags – South Carolina Votes To Take It Down – Florida Puts It Back Up The Saga Continues

Her name was Kate..

Where is all the OUTRAGE now? Because she wasn’t black; it is OK for her to be gunned down by an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT (deported fives times). Out on probation because he was in a sanctuary city! WTFE!

Holy fuck, if it had been a black woman or a child; Michael Brown,Trayvon Martin and Freddie Gray would be old news. Obola and the bad (not good) Rev Al Sharpton would be raising holy hell. But oh no, it’s a white tourist named Kate, so it doesn’t matter. That is what this country has become, we cater so much to the “minorities” that the rest of the population (white folks) have been forgotten and mean less. Affirmative Actions’ time is over, move on. If you want to be treated equally then act equally. Police your kind, teach them the value of respect, hard work, love, money and the all important themselves.

Poor is no longer an excuse for why there are so many young black guys in jail. The poverty line for a family is now around $30,000.00. A couple has a hard time living on that any more. By that standard there should be as many white guys in jail. So taking away poor as an excuse, what is left? How they are raised; they need to understand the fact there is only one Jordan or James in a lifetime and it is probably not going to be them so quit using them as hero’s. Being able to read and actually speak English clearly, would be a good first step.

Accept responsibility for you actions. *********************

Look at Chicago values here> (funny <> and this is the supposed home city of Obola)

When a country is no longer afraid of its people we have TYRANNY.

When are we going to get a clue? Another Civil War is looming; what was it, 13 states wanted to secede from the Union in 2012? And yes the next war is going to be most whites against everyone else.  Like I have asked and said before, when are we going to quit paying for our ancestors sins?  Japanese (Americans) have had money paid to them 50 years after the end of WWII; for their families being placed in internment camps.  Greed, self-pity, paying for a wrong that we didn’t start?  Pearl Harbor was attacked in the early morning of Dec 7, 1941 by the Imperial Japanese Navy. All of the Americans killed or wounded during the attack were non-combatants, given the fact there was no state of war when the attack occurred. 2,403 Americans were killed and 1,178 others were wounded.  Where is their payday from Japan?  What about their families? Oh that’s right they have a the USS Arizona as a Memorial where they can go visit.

Read another account here.


Nuts and Bolts

Summer Mornings are


Cool and Inviting

Always waiting for you

To come out and play

On a summer day

Ghostly footprints, left in the dew

Footprints on the sidewalk

The breeze brushes your skin

Cool, Softly, Gently

Like a lovers kiss

Leaving goose bumps

The day is dawning clear and bright

Deep blue cloudless sky,

Sun is low and warm,

On your face

Leaving no doubt of the heat to come

The sounds of the morning come to you

The stream close by babbling

Building to a silent rush

As it flows lucidly over rocks below

Birds chattering incessantly

Sound of a train whistle breaks the serenity

Afternoon brings the thunder

Booming in the distance

Soon, a hard shower

makes mud puddles turn to small lakes

Reminding you of the first girl you kissed

Smell of hot rain soaked pavement

leaves it imprint on your mind,

the day is cooled ever so slightly

Evening is the best time of

a Summers day

The heat slowly dissipates

Sitting on the porch, drinking tea

Listening to the sounds,

bullfrogs, cicadas

come into full chorus

The breeze brushes your skin

Cool, Softly, Gently

Like a lovers kiss

Leaving goose bumps

Reminding you summer

Is here to stay

Makes you want to come out and play



A child looks in the mirror and what

Do they SEE

Everything they want to Be

The Mirror is a River


In its self imposed prison


The Face in the Mirror has an

Imperfection in Its Reflection

Is it Vanity

The Mirror tells a Story

A Scar from a Cleat


Worn like a Badge of Honor


The Mirror now Shows the Scar

Hidden By Gray

Not SO Wild-N-Free

The Mirror is Showing Cracks

Like Ripples from a Stone

Ever Widening Ever Growing

Soon to Take Their Place


When you Look in the Mirror

Did the Child Become Everything

They Wanted

To Be

Can You Stand What You SEE

That was once


Collapse of the Roman Empire

In 376 CE, the western half of the Roman Empire stretched from northern Africa north to Britain and from Libya in the east to the Iberian Peninsula in Spain. The Empire lost its preeminence in 476 CE through: immigration, a series of small scale wars, and ongoing struggles that created a power vacuum amongst the Roman elite that crippled its effectiveness throughout the century.  The barbarian immigration/invasion that would develop over a 60 year span; and how the Romans reacted would lead to the fall of the Roman Empire. Through three separate elements; the Rhine crossing or “immigration,” and wars lead by Radagaisus and Uldin

The Rhine crossing in the year 406, were Gothic groups made up of Tevinigi and Greuthungi who were asking for asylum from Emperor Valens. The area in question where the first small groups of settlers were to ask permission to settle was along the Rhine River and the upper and lower Danube. This immigration was stretched over several generations, perhaps as many as 50 years and consisted of small illiterate groups or tribes who were being pushed south and east; by the leading edge of a large mass or swarm of the Hun migration from what is now considered southern Russia.  The Huns had no distinct king or leader and appeared to lead through a monarchial chain of command as shown by various tribes of nomadic people; who were not unified in any way and seemed to be independent from each other and had separate goals. There is no written record from within the tribes themselves; the few accounts that have surfaced are based on fragmented and badly kept Roman interpretations; along with theories of chronological and geographical locations from other sources. In 395, approximately 20 years after the first Goths crossed, the bulk of the Huns were still far to the east moving towards Persia.

The next element came about in 408; Uldin a Hunnic leader (an ally to the Romans) headed a body of Huns; in 400 CE the main force of Uldin’s army appeared to be located closer to the lower Danube, east of the Carpathian Mountains in what today would be considered Romania. Uldin together with the Scirii as allies, in the paid service of the Romans, fought against the invasion of a large multi-racial force under Radagaisus.  Radagaisus’ force of 12,000 was defeated and most were sold into slavery.  There were so many slaves available after the defeat the slave market crashed. Radagaisus himself was captured and executed in August 406.

The third element was Uldin’s shift in allegiance and attempted invasion of Castra Martis in 408 which was repulsed fairly easily by the Romans. Most of his followers were tracked down and killed; Uldin was forced to retreat.

These three separate incursions into Roman territory allowed the immigrants to establish a foothold that would have dire consequences to the Roman Empire in the coming years. The first settlers abided by Roman rule and within the laws of the Empire.  Whether being pushed from behind by the growing threat of the Huns or to be a part of their own clans; as more of the immigrants moved into the areas they started to carve out kingdoms for themselves and became autonomous, self supportive and self governing; causing the Romans to lose revenue from the taxes on food and goods. With the growth and rise of power of these groups and integration into the Roman hierarchy; the Empire was forced to adopt new policies concerning these groups.  This change in procedure went against the very fabric of the Empire.

The Roman elite were still a powerful force that had to be shown obsequiousness.  These local landowners were typically spread far apart and who were held in high esteem amongst their subordinates through the privileges of the being a Roman leader. The loss of substantial revenue from taxes could no longer keep up with the demands of funding a large army and rights/privileges and loyalties the landowners were used to.  The Roman elite would switch loyalties to the strongest barbarian tribe their area; further working to undermine the Imperial state and as to no longer being needed.

In some areas of the western empire where these footholds had been growing, groups of usurpers; from Anglo-Saxons and Franks in Britain to the Vandals, Alans, and Suvei in Spain led to led to the Romano-British declaring independence. Constantius who was a senior general manager, over the course of ten years would bring some political stability back to the western Empire. Constantius’ death followed by the death of Emperor Honorius a few years later created a power vacuum that wouldn’t be resolved for nine years.  Emerging from this power struggle in 433 was Ateius who like Constantius put more effort into resisting the usurpers and barbarians than fixing the real problems within.  The constant revolts: Goths revolted in 425, 430 and 436; Frankish in 428 and 432; Alamanni in 430-431; Burgundians in 436-437. This chaos continued to break down the infrastructure from within as Ateius battled other powerful Roman elites who thought they could do it better.  This uncertainty for the next forty years would lead to the eventual collapse of the Roman Empire in 476.

In 376 a small group of displaced people looking for protection from the Huns would cast the Roman Empire in a century long struggle with invasion and growth that it could no longer control.  Three separate times outsiders stepped foot onto Roman soil; the Rhine crossing, wars lead by Radagaisus and Uldin allowed the barbarians to gain a foothold.  To accommodate these groups the Empire was forced to make policy changes as the invaders gained power within the Roman hierarchy. Other subtle but no less important influences are the loss of loyalties form the Roman landowners in outlying provinces; continued power struggles within the Roman elite and constant revolts. The internal power struggles and strife along with the high cost of the constant wars may have lead to the Empire drawing in or down. With the major loss of tax revenue and not being able to support the army in areas or little or no opposition the Empire may have drawn these outposts down to skeleton crews to help offset cost.  Seeing this drawdown could have been a cause for the neighboring countries to think the Roman Empire was at the point of collapse?  A combination of factors that was a 100 years in the making lead to the collapse of the Roman Empire in 476.


“Neighbor Rosicky”

My impression of the story was simply nothing; I was ignorant of as I could have been about the story, as I had never read any of Willa Cather works. “Neighbor Rosicky” could have been: anyone or anything, good or bad, a dog, a horse, or a butte somewhere in the world. For all I knew at the start of the story, Neighbor could actually have been the name of the main character.

Now after I have read the story, you find why the title of the story is “Neighbor Rosicky.”  He is a kind decent man that has that has lived a long and full life. The term “neighbor” is more of a title that is bestowed upon him; the kind of person that we all want as a neighbor and a friend, father, husband and mentor. Where in his house you are always welcome and they will give you what they have to make sure that you feel welcomed. He grew up dirt poor and understands what it is like to have nothing, working for a pittance and getting almost nothing in return.

Rosicky isn’t indebted to anyone, he owns his land outright. He isn’t rich in the sense of monetary value; however, he is rich in the value that after a full life he has all the treasures that a man can ask for: his land is his own, loving and faithful wife, five sons (who are all good boys), a new daughter-in-law that will help carry on the family name.

Rosicky is a man’s man; the kind of man I would attempt to emulate. The qualities that he possesses aren’t taught; they are ingrained in the essence of what makes a man a man. Even when told that he should be slowing down because he had a good family, Rosicky had a hard time letting others do what he used to be able to do for himself. These are qualities seemingly lost in the last forty or fifty years—missing in today’s world; a man being as good as his word, integrity, morals, values and ethics. A prime example of the way I see Rosicky is what amounts to a very simple code of chivalry.  Rosicky would have taken great pains to be an example.  Women first and not be shy about what or why he did what he did.  Looking at where he came from, what he went through to get to the place he is now.  I can’t help but to admire the man called “Neighbor Rosicky.”

The Confederate Flag 3 – Down it comes

South Carolina has passed the law to remove the Confederate Flag from the state capitol.

Get a clue people

As long as your at it why don’t we just remove all crosses – it offends atheist and agnostics, as well as Muslims. Oh crap, hold on now that would be wrong. We don’t want to piss off the immigrants. JUST THE PEOPLE WHO ARE ACTUALLY FROM HERE.

Make sure to remove black history month as well. OMFG if we were to have a white history month. WTF do you think would happen?  We would be tried on the spot, by the white flag waving pansies as judge-jury-executioner.

Same goes for a mind is a terrible thing to waste. I wish I could have gotten all the free money to go to school. Has it really helped?  If we were to dig into the numbers, I doubt there would any significant justification for the BS.

I am not racist in the meaning of racism, I truly want to have to quit paying for the sins of people from 150+ years ago.

There is a much larger moral issue at stake here. Why is it America is the fall guy when it comes to slavery?  Slavery goes back past the dark ages, and well past antiquity. If you were capable of being defeated, you were capable of being made a slave. Persian, Greeks, Romans, Alexander the Great, do I need to go on? Can any of you white flag-waving hypocrites give a good god-damned answer? That doesn’t revolve around some politically correct rhetoric that has absolutely no substance or fact. It is not worth the breath used to say it or the paper it’s written on.